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Best Practices for Mushroom Rituals

(or, How to Have a Good Trip)

Taking psilocybin can be an intense experience, and there are precautions everyone
should take to make the trip as safe and enjoyable as possible.

High dosages (1g or more) are only recommended for experienced users. If it is
your first time, start with a very small amount – max 250mg (0.25g) and wait at least 1
hour before increasing your dose.

Be very mindful of drug interactions – this includes alcohol, caffeine, and prescriptions. Thoroughly research any possible side effects or synergies with what’s in your

Always make sure you are in a safe space with someone you trust – or, if tripping
alone, have someone check in on you (in person or over the phone) at a planned time.

Try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. For example, this can mean wearing clothes that make you feel good, putting on some music you love, stretching or
meditating, or enjoying the company of close friends. Try to avoid settings where there
will be strict rules or expectations placed upon you.

Think about setting an intention before your trip. Where would you like this journey
to take you? What are you hoping to experience? The mindset you have going in is
crucial to whether you end up having a “good” or a “bad” trip.

If you find yourself feeling afraid, sad, angry or overwhelmed… try to resist the
need to control or mask your feelings, and allow yourself to remain curious about what
you’re experiencing. From this perspective, see if there are any lessons to be learned,
and know that all things eventually come to an end.

Of course, never drive under the influence and keep out of reach of children and pets.

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