Penis Envy High Strength Dried Psilocybin Mushrooms


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Penis Envy is a rare and potent Psilocybe cubensis mushroom, known for its phallic shape and strong psychotropic effects. It grows slowly but yields large fruits, and is believed to have been bred by Terence McKenna in the 1970s. It’s 2-3 times stronger than normal cubensis and not recommended for beginners. Users report intense euphoria, hallucinations, synesthesia and deep introspection. Dosage should be started low, with a micro dose of 0.25g and increasing up to a heavy dose of 5g.

Dosage Guide

Not recommended for first time users.

* Micro: 0.25 gram
* Low: 0.25 – 0.75 gram
* Medium: 1 – 1.5 gram
* Strong: 1.5 – 3 gram
* Heavy: 3- 5 gram


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